We are Open and Covid Safe

As permitted by DHHS, our surgeons’ consultations are an essential service and the rooms remain open for face to face appointments.

Firstly, all of us at ENT North are incredibly grateful for the hard work and sacrifice that all of you as our community have shown through this pandemic. This is what has kept us all safe.

We will continue to provide face to face care throughout lockdowns, although there may be additional measures that we ask you to take at times.

These include:

  • Wearing a face mask always covering your mouth and nose while you are in the clinic.
  • Registering all attending people via the Service Victoria QR code at our front door and displayed throughout the clinic.
  • Please check the updated list of exposure sites on the Victorian government website before attending our clinic to confirm you have not been to them.


  • Please reschedule your appointment if you are asked to self-isolate, have any new fever, cough, or cold symptoms, or have attended a known exposure site, or if these measures apply to one of your household members.
  • Following all applicable public health measures mandated and/or recommended by government and health care bodies at the time of your care.
  • Telehealth care may be appropriate in some circumstances, although our experience with this in previous lockdowns has been that a face-to-face appointment is almost always needed to provide an appropriate assessment and management plan.

Physical distancing measures are in place

  • All chairs are set 1.5 meters apart
  • Sanitise Stations provided in and outside of the clinic
  • Surgeons will wear a mask when examining patients and personal protective equipment (PPE) when required.
  • 4 square metre rule: each room has a maximum number of people, including maximum 8 people in the waiting room

We may need to take increased measures to keep us all safe at certain times.

These could include:

  • Asking you to remain in your car until we call you for your appointment
  • Limiting the number of people who can attend your appointment with you. We are happy to have support people ‘attend’ your appointment on FaceTime or Speaker Phone if you wish.

Our staff are happy to work with you to ensure you receive your ENT care in a timely fashion if the above measures cause difficulties for you.

Our medical staff are also happy to discuss any questions you have about vaccinations for Covid.

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